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CIVIS info is a newsletter of the association CIVIS published three times per year. Its aim is to inform the readers about the activities and news of our association and its members. Bearing in mind that CIVIS has participatory status in the Council of Europe, the objective of this newsletter is also to inform the citizens about the activities and achievements of this institution.

One of the advantages of our association is the broadness and the political and cultural diversity of the region that it covers. The South-East Europe is a rich treasury of differences, paradoxes, but also common problems that the countries of this region are facing during the process od European integrations.

Having in mind that the mission of CIVIS is to promote and improve the rights of all the citizens of this region and to help the fulfillment of the highest standards of the civil society, the objective of CIVIS info is to provoke the discussion, debates and exchange of ideas of all interested people in the region about the burning issues of mentioned countries.

The encouragement of the cooperation and dialogue between the citizens of the countries of South-East Europe contributes to the more efficient resolving of problems and the approachment to the European Union. In this process, the experience of the countries that are already members of the EU is precious to those that still work on the European integration.

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